Surprise! You Can Still Find Kinder Surprise Eggs!


European candies may be all the rage right now, thanks to Sockerbit and London Candy Co., but there’s one sweet treat that’s a bit trickier to find than other Euro imports: Kinder Surprise Eggs. That’s because unlike the tots across the pond, American kids are stupid and are likely to choke on the fun toy found inside. But wait! You can still locate some in New York!

According to DNAinfo, the United States Customs and Border Patrol found more than 25,000 of the chocolate eggs in 2009 and seized over 2,000 of the treats. (Question: Are Customs officials snacking on them secretly? Creating a chocolate black market? Seriously. What happens to all that candy?)

Nevertheless, DNAinfo spotted the candies at London Candy Co., as well as at Economy Candy and Jin Market. We have also seen them at Space Market on University Place.

Which just goes to show, some temptations justify breaking the rules.


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