Can Lady Gaga’s “Marry The Night” Get WKTU Back To Its Glory Days?


“Marry The Night,” the first song from Lady Gaga’s Born This Way released via the uber-annoying “social game” FarmVille, is, like many of the album’s other tracks that have been previewed so far, a throwback to a different time. Its minor-key stomp is accompanied by Gaga singing about how surrendering herself to the charms of New York’s nightlife will save her from her heartbreak, and–perhaps in a stylistic nod to its lyrical New York shoutouts–it sounds a lot like a 2011-production-values version of the disco and freestyle tracks that used to dot the playlist of dance station WKTU before that station turned into a slightly less singer-songwritery carbon copy of its corporate cousin Z100, throwing all the old 12-inches out the window in favor of more Katy Perry. Which nobody needs! At all! This is a total longshot, I know, but it would be so great if Gaga’s retro-flogging lit up the phones at KTU with people asking for “more songs like this,” perhaps even name-checking a song or two from Last Dance At Studio 54, the compilation the station co-released back in the day. (The track list is pretty killer top to bottom, but Lina Santiago’s “Feels So Good” is particularly notable at the moment because it’s an obvious antecedent to Rihanna’s “S&M.”)

I’ll try to keep up with the game of whack-a-mole between Web Sheriff and people trying to show the track to non-Farmville users, although it’s going to be tough, I think. Those people are really good at what they do!