Beyoncé’s “Party” Is Cool, Collected, And Andre 3000-Assisted


Beyoncé’s 4 has been slowly revealing itself to the world in advance of its June 28 release date, and the latest track to leak is “Party,” a sumptuous Kanye West and Consequence production with a wistful, syllable-bending assist from André 3000. “Party” flips the expectations put forth by its title and winds up being pretty much the direct opposite of “Run The World (Girls)”—it’s a slow-burn sex jam that reaches back to the golden age of WPIX-FM and has a buried-deep callout to “La Di Da Di.” Listen here (for now, anyway).

Could this be the 4 track that breaks through to radio and silences those people who have been skeptical since “Run The World (Girls)” made its initially soft landing? Well, probably not, because people who argue over pop music on the internet are intractable in their opinions, even if you confront them with things like data and facts. Nevertheless!

(Also, is Swagu, as name-dropped by Kanye, the official pasta sauce of overused phrases? Just curious!)