Comments of the Week: Village Voice T-Shirt Giveaway!


This week we’re starting a new feature in which we give away Village Voice t-shirts to some of our esteemed commenters. We’ve judged this week’s crop and have come away with some winners. If your comment was picked, email web editor Francesca Stabile to claim your prize. Because there’s nothing better than a free t-shirt!

Most Sensible (And Sarcastic)
On “Anthony Weiner Penis Photo Exposed Via Andrew Breitbart’s iPhone [NSFW]” (yeah, sorry, to see the comment you’re going to have to see the dick again), Duggie Howser wrote this amid a sea of partisan feuding: “I’m very shocked to find out politician have pen¡ses. I’m also shocked that politicians lie. I was shocked to find out Clinton had an affair while in office. I was also shocked that Newt Gingrich was also shocked by Clinton, yet still had his own affair while in office and while being shocked himself. I’m shocked that people think that either liberals or conservatives have a monopoly on bad behavior. I’m shocked that with all the problems in the world, like famine, disease, failing economies and war, people prefer to voice shock and outrage over a pen¡s. I’m shocked that people are shocked at human behavior. I’m shocked that Santa Claus doesn’t really exist. But mostly I’m shocked by my own sense of shock… shocking.”

On “Williamsburg’s McCarren Park Has a Dominatrix” we got this one-liner from puck30: “She didn’t bring his water dish? How cruel!”

On “5 Places in NYC To Get Wet and Cool Off” what esquared posted hadn’t even crossed our minds, thankfully: “thank dieu, weiner’s underwear isn’t on this list.”

Most Helpful
On “Yes, Ladies, You Can Walk Around the City Topless ” Kdia002 gave us the advice: “All I’ll say is: remember the sunblock! your boobs will be extra sensitive if they haven’t seen the sun for awhile.”

Winners can claim their prize here; losers can try again next week!