Daniel Lacin Shoots Neighbor’s Pit Bulls With Paintball Gun When They Won’t Stop Barking


Adorable animals in trouble! The New York Post reports that Daniel Lacin, “an uptight Swiss man” who lives in Brooklyn, became so irritated by his neighbor’s dogs’ nonstop barking (perhaps this is why he’s uptight?) that he shot them with a paintball gun. Their owner, Peter Wojcik, was allegedly told by Lacin, “In Switzerland, we train our dogs not to bark,” which seems a ridiculous statement, not to mention beside the point. While Lacin does have the right to be annoyed by ceaseless barking, he doesn’t have the right to bring a paintball gun, or Switzerland, into the matter.

At the end of the paintball attack, Baby, a pit-bull-terrier mix, had been hit 10 times, with three to the face, and Birdie, an pit-bull-mastiff mix, had been hit five times. Poor doggies, the most innocent parties in this canine-based Hatfields and the McCoys.

Wojcik, 32, said he was in the shower when he heard a “tat-tat-tat-tat” noise. “Then, I heard Baby squeal like a pig and scream,” he said. “I come out in a towel, and my dogs are covered in paint.”

“I yelled, ‘Who’s the f – – king p- – -y shooting at my dogs?!’

“Then I see a guy up on the roof with a paintball gun. He says, ‘Tell your dogs to shut the f – – k up.’ ”

When Wojcik complained about the dogs’ injuries, he said, Lacin replied, “Your dog is not dead. What are you worried about?”

Nice. Lacin, who is said to be a dog-lover by his lawyer, was arraigned on various charges yesterday, including reckless endangerment, criminal mischief, and injuring and torturing animals. He was freed without bail.

Ironically, in jail, he probably wouldn’t have heard Baby and Birdie barking. Meanwhile, any “dog-lover” would know that shooting dogs with a paintball gun isn’t going to get them to be quiet.

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