Lloyd’s “Dedication To My Ex (Miss That)” Is Gleeful, Profane, And Completely Great


Next week King of Hearts, the new album by Atlanta R&B crooner Lloyd, comes out after what seems like a really really long time since he provided the hook to the near-chart-topper “BedRock.” (Early 2010 wasn’t that long ago in real terms, I know.) Last night “Dedication To My Ex (Miss That)” made its way online, and oh boy, is it a doozy. The Polow da Don-produced track is backed by a loop that sounds if not based off then heavily inspired by Duffy’s “Mercy,” if that track was an ode to, uh, the nostalgia-worthy genitalia of the addressed lover. There’s “narration” by frequent Lloyd foil Lil Wayne; there’s also a fantastic, withering verse by Andre 3000 — the second to appear this month! (And don’t forget his outstanding contribution to the remix of Ke$ha’s “Sleazy” earlier this year, either.) And Lloyd turns in a fiery performance, unleashing his spectacular pipes in such a way that really sells just how sexually pent-up he is over all this. Anyway, if there’s any justice, this song will rule the summer. Listen below. (And if you’re in an office, for God’s sake, put on headphones first.)

So fun!!! Right? I mean, for all the anger simmering within, at least Lloyd seems to be sorta-fondly reminiscing about what he’s missing.

Of course, if this song’s going to be a radio hit, it’s going to need to excise all those “pussy” references a la “Fuck You” turning into “Forget You.” But what word can be swapped in? “Kitty” is probably the closest, but the short “i” wouldn’t sound as exuberant over that beat. “Cookie”? Actually, that kind of works! Similar vowel sounds, syllable matching, etc. Let’s make it happen, everybody!