Hercules Was Almost Superman


Let me explain. Kevin Sorbo was up for the part of Superman when they were casting the TV show Lois & Clark, which started in 1993.

According to Sorbo’s upcoming memoir, True Strength, the casting process boiled down to two finalists — Sorbo and Dean Cain.

After a few auditions, Sorbo was asked to read with Teri Hatcher (who ended up bagging Lois Lane), and all went well.

A lady producer called Sorbo and told him he had the part.

He was ecstatic. He told everyone. He prepared for a gigantic life change.

The next day the phone rang. It was the same producer saying she’d jumped the gun!

“They changed their minds,” she explained.

Remembers Sorbo, “In less than 24 hours, I went from the top of Mount Everest to Hades.”

But here’s one reason why suicide is not a good option:

A year later, Sorbo got cast in Hercules and became an international star.

And does it really matter which superhero you play, as long as you play one of them?