Scientology Delirium: Commenters of the Week!


Another week finished, and what a week it was, fellow Scientology watchers.

We started things off like the shot of a gun, didn’t we? On Monday, we broke big news: that an L.A. sheriff’s deputy was under official inquiry for appearing in uniform on a Scientology mailer that encouraged parishioners to fork over their 401K money to the church.

On Tuesday, we posted a couple of new videos from the Scientology goon squad, Squirrel Busters, that continues its siege of former high-ranking executive Marty Rathbun outside his Corpus Christi-area home. We even earned the dubious distinction of appearing in one.

On Wednesday, we learned that Tom Cruise loves coconut cake, and that he dined with local pols as part of a 2003 charm campaign in which Scientology used its celebrities to help repair its image in Florida after the Lisa McPherson court cases.

And then yesterday, we began to unveil a project that we’ve been working on for a few weeks, consulting with experts who know this stuff far batter than us, to come up with “The Top 25 People Crippling Scientology.” We named Xenu, the galactic overlord, as #25, and we’ll reveal #24 on Tuesday morning.

Now, on to the awards…

Well, I’m going right to my favorite of the week. Sometimes, an observation about Scientology just hits home so well, it sort of puts the entire beautiful wreck into vivid focus, you know?

Commenters, including yours truly, had been trading jabs about Xenu and his legacy yesterday. The galactic overlord that L. Ron Hubbard describes in the upper level materials known as “OT III” not only infested the earth with countless disembodied space alien souls, but then implanted those souls with concepts like Jesus Christ. Yes, kids, Scientologists are asked to believe that Christ is a 75-million-year old idea implanted in the alien souls that hitch a ride on our bodies. To which replied frequent commenter “SFF”:

If you think about it, all the religions Xenu founded via implants seem to be doing a lot better than Scientology.

Subtle. Devastating. Genius. I’m still chuckling at that one.

But let’s get back to the start of the week, and the free-for-all that ensued when we broke news about the L.A. deputy shilling for the L.A. “org.”

At one point, accusations about a “UFO” church were being thrown around, and our favorite pro-church advocate, Mark Miglio, surprised us with this bit of refreshing honesty:

My feeling is that UFOs will play an ever increasing role in our civilization. Most of us savvy people know —or feel— that UFOs are already [doing] something on our planet. [There] are both positive and negative effects. The situation calls for proper evaluation and proper estimation of value and benefits.

We may never know if “Mark Miglio” is really a Scientologist or just a very creative troll, but if only more pro-church commenters were as forthcoming, it would help, wouldn’t it?

For the most part, our commenters reacted to a uniformed deputy encouraging his fellow Scientologist to fork over huge amounts of money with alarm, which may have been best captured by “I’drathernot”:

Oh wow. What is the cost of happiness now days? A cool half mil? Well I know my inner peace is priceless. Down with the future financial planning and stability. Forget your family vacations and silly things like college. Who needs a higher form of education? You can just stick a huge nipple on your bank account and let the COS suck on it for the rest of your life. Sounds more like a parasite than a religion.

In regards to the Squirrel Busters videos, we thought this was an interesting suggestion by “Tracy Chap”:

I must say, these squirrel busters are becoming quite famous. How are they not tourist attractions in and of themselves? Aren’t there any Anonymous down Marty’s way? According to M.R. they are there everyday. Getting your pics next to the infamous golf cart!!! What a scoop and Internet hit that would be!!!! Perhaps a signature on a mask ala T.C.?

And finally, we enjoyed this bit of mirth from “jgg”, who was responding to our revelation that Tom Cruise was enticed to have dinner with Tampa’s mayor because a Repubilcan operative’s coconut cake was something he couldn’t pass up:

Tony, every time I have made coconut cake, Cruise has come over. I wish he’d call beforehand, but he doesn’t. Oh, and the fact that all these celebrities Ms. Repper brought in were Scientologists, that’s just a coincidence. They all have the same birthday, too. And the politicians they were introduced to just happened to be walking by. Repper didn’t know them. Oh, and LRH really did learn an entire Indian language in one night, liberate Australia all by himself and cure nearsightedness (I know Heber Jentzsch wears glasses, but those are decorative).

‘Liberate Australia.’ You all really crack me up.

I responded to quite a few other messages directly this week. Our readers are doing an excellent job keeping me on my toes, and I’ll need even more of it as we continue to go through this amazing time of Scientology-watching together. Now, on to the rest of our countdown, as well as some really big stories that we hope to reveal in a short time. Watch the skies!

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