Central Park Boathouse Workers Walk Out


Dean Poll, whose inability to come to an agreement with restaurant workers at Tavern on the Green eventually led to its closure, is still butting heads with workers. According to Crain’s, a couple dozen staffers at the Central Park Boathouse gathered to protest alleged labor violations outside the restaurant Tuesday, many walking off their shifts to participate.

The demonstration was intended to draw the attention of the city, which refuses to intervene, saying that Poll “has met all his obligations” to the Parks Department. But, surely, gaggles of disgruntled workers wearing yellow T-shirts that scream “Dump Dean Poll” and handing out pamphlets denouncing him is not good for Central Park tourism. (Although certain kids might like the big blow-up rat that is the symbol of labor disputes.) The rally appears to be part of a larger campaign. Considering what happened with Tavern, it seems unwise for the city to continue to stand idly by.