L.E.S. Timeshare Backyard Offers Girls In Wet T-Shirts. Don’t Worry, It’s a Joke.


Remember the Timeshare Backyard on the Lower East Side? A group called The Participation Agency has been renting out a 3,200 square foot empty yard at 145 Ludlow for $50 an hour since August 11. You can bring your friends and play with water guns and slip ‘n slides, jump on a trampoline, grill, drink your beer out of foam cozies, whatever you want. It’s a cute idea but to be honest, we’d kind of forgotten that it was going on until today, when Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York pinpointed a part of the flyer we hadn’t noticed before.


“A Girl in a White Tee to Spray With a Hose.” And in smaller letters, “A Guy In Speedos [sic] to Spray With a Hose.” Horrors!

As fratty and gross as wet t-shirt events are, is the Timeshare Backyard really offering up the opportunity to drench girls or is that simply a tongue-in-cheek joke by the organizers?

We got in touch with Jacqui Kavanagh, who runs the Participation Agency with Jessica Resler. She described the wet t-shirt thing as a “lighthearted joke.”

“We wanted to underline the fact that [the backyard] is a private space,” she said. “And if you’re asking if someone has done it yet, no, no one has.”

Don’t tell that to the commenters over at Jeremiah’s, though, who are reveling in indignation: “Vile. Simply vile,” reads a sample comment. August really is the silly season.