Earthquake Damage in NYC Is Minimal; Mike Bloomberg Is More Concerned About Hurricane Irene


According to Mayor Bloomberg’s address of the city post-earthquake, here’s what the several moments of shaking accomplished: People went crazy calling 911, resulting in a spike of 6,900 calls in one half hour (wow). There was some minor private property damage, including a chimney collapse in Red Hook — the building was evacuated and no one was injured, and the building was ready to be re-entered shortly thereafter. And, there was on incident on 4th Avenue in Brooklyn, with no injuries reported. Sounds good! But, before you relax too much…

Bloomberg warned that there could be aftershocks. Reuters is reporting that, in fact, there could be 3.0 magnitude aftershocks for months. Andrew Cuomo has issued a statement that State Office of Emergency Management continues to monitor effects from the earthquake. Have we all been too complacent for too long about fault lines and our carefree East Coast (earthquake free) living?

But, there’s no time for that! Now we have to worry about Hurricane Irene, which Bloomberg says we should be more concerned about than any old earthquake. Irene is on track to become a Category 4 hurricane, and is headed for the Carolinas (and the East Coast, in general). Stay tuned.

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