Behold, the Ira Glass Sex Tape!


If you’re as big a public radio nerd as we are, this may be the best laugh you’ll have all week.

Updated: An interview with Julian Joslin, the producer and voice behind the Ira Glass Sex Tape.

Thanks for speaking with me. This piece was really well produced in a way that made it sound totally like a This American Life episode. Are you a public radio person, professionally?

No, I’ve never worked in public radio. I listen to This American Life, and Planet Money and Fresh Air. That’s my connection. For the past two years, I have worked for a federal public defender in Manhattan. But I just left, to try to write films and be creative. This is the first project I’ve done.

Really? The production quality was really remarkable. This was your first audio piece?

In high school I did a lot of filmmaking and a lot of sound mixing, but this is the first audio piece I’ve done as audio. My background is in film and that’s what I’m trying to get into. But I listen to a lot of NPR, and I thought this would be a nice way to do some comedy writing. I listened to a lot of NPR podcasts, and cut out clips, and produced it with Garage Band.

Who was playing who?

That’s me as Ira Glass. Everyone else are the real people, cut out from tape. Alex Blumberg, Jonathan Goldstein and Terry Gross, they’re all the actual voices cut out from NPR podcasts.

Wow. You don’t sound like Ira Glass at all right now.

I don’t think I sound like Ira Glass on the recording. I didn’t think this would go anywhere, especially since this is the first project I’m doing. This has been nothing but fun for me.

Have you heard anything back yet from anyone you parodied?

God, I wish! No. All I want to do is to talk to Ira. I hope I didn’t offend him. It’s all coming from a place of love.

I can’t really imagine a real sex tape between Ira Glass and Terry Gross.

I can’t either. Terry Gross seemed like the perfect person for exactly that reason.

Here’s a question Ira would throw at you to make you squirm: do you support public radio?

Yes, I do.

What station?


Thanks, and congratulations on a really fun and well made piece.

Thank you.


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