The Top 5 Moments From Taylor Swift’s New Journey To Fearless DVD


Early this year, Never Say Never took us backstage as teenpop heartthrob Justin Bieber worked his way to a sold-out Madison Square Garden tour finale, juxtaposing current success with clips of baby Bieber playing drums, doing cute things, and wowing crowds at Ontario open mics. Journey to Fearless (out this Tuesday) is, more or less, Taylor Swift’s straight-to-DVD response, and while Swift never flips her hair at the camera, moving in slow motion and across all three dimensions, both the songs and the graphics improve upon those in the Bieber original. (Note, for instance, the shot of her hugging bff and “Fifteen” inspiration Abigail in an Avatar-style forest while digital rain falls and the song plays). Below are the top five most joyous, inspiring, or heartwarming moments from the DVD’s two hours and 20 minutes of interviews, live performances, and archive footage. (If for some reason you’re worried about spoilers, there might be a few.)

5. Taylor plays “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”

Yes, the movie goes there. After opening with Swift dressed in drum major regalia, performing Fearless breakout single “You Belong with Me” in front of thousands, the film cuts to young Taylor banging out “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” on a toy piano. Cliché but effective. From there, we see Taylor unwrapping her first guitar, singing the national anthem before a Philadelphia 76ers game, and moving to Nashville to sign her first record deal.

4. Taylor sees her stage for the first time, plays “Love Story.”

The movie begins by telling Swift’s life story, taking us on her road to country success and explaining the stories behind certain songs, but it eventually grows into a concert documentary, showing how the Fearless tour’s elaborate stages and sets came together. Swift, as it turns out, played a major role in designing both, ensuring the presence of two of her favorite things, sparkles and surprises. When she finally sees the half-Romanesque, half-picturesque castle on which she’ll be performing “Love Story,” she’s almost in shock: “I could fall off this and die… which is awesome,” she exclaims.

The following performance lives up to the hype. Building up to the final verse, her band keeps Romeo waiting on the ground, ring in hand, for upwards of 30 seconds—just enough time for Swift’s backup dancers to huddle around the singer and change her out of a scarlet maiden costume and into a white wedding dress. Meanwhile, the Jumbotron forest behind the castle becomes Jumbotron stained glass, and we get the happy ending we’ve been waiting for.

3. Taylor walks through arena hallways before each show.
2. Taylor performs “Tim McGraw” and hugs fans as she makes her way from the B- to the main stage.

These two mostly explain themselves: as a way to better connect with the fans that make these stadium shows possible, Taylor will walk through the hallways of whatever venue she’s performing, then through the crowd after she performs “Tim McGraw.” In order to further the collapse the distance between her and her fans, she’ll perform another song (in this case, “Fifteen”) from the nosebleeds in the back of the arena. Michael Azerrad would approve. And while at every show Bieber picks a braces-wearing tween to be his “One Less Lonely Girl,” Swift picks a group to hang out with in her backstage tea room, filled with pizza, comfy couches, and more braces-wearing tweens.

1. Taylor ends the Fearless tour at Gillette Stadium.

After 14 months of bringing Fearless across the world, she comes to Foxboro, Mass., in order to conclude the tour in front of tens of thousands of fans. Before the show she makes a yearbook for each member of the crew; in the pre-concert she tells her band and dancers that she’ll always love them; Bieber arrives and gift Swift his blessing. For the finale’s finale, she plays “Should’ve Said No,” singing under artificial rain onto which the song’s chorus has been projected. For good measure, her dad notes that the journey to Fearless—and by extension, the night’s show— started way back when she was 11, playing that Christmas present for the first time. Did we mention Bieber was there?

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