Felicity Jones: Q&A With A Rising Star


Twenty-seven-year-old British actress Felicity Jones gives an enormously appealing performance in Like Crazy, in which she and Anton Yelchin share some college lovin’, only to encounter some obstacles, American-style.

Felicity won a Special Jury prize at Sundance and is nominated for a Gotham Award for breakthrough actor (and she just got cast as the love interest of Howard Hughes’s driver in Warren Beatty‘s film about the aviator).

And she was also gifted with a brief interview with this blog.

Me: Hi, Felicity. Is Like Crazy making profound statements about the fleeting nature of love?

Felicity: I don’t think it’s trying to make profound statements. I think it’s trying to be an honest portrayal of the intricacies of being in a relationship and falling in love.

Me: Was it largely improvised?

Felicity: It was a 50-page outline which was very detailed and specific and had certain things we had to say in terms of moving the plot forward. Then we as actors improvised our way into the dialogue.

Me: I found it interesting that the characters were both obsessed with Paul Simon. I didn’t know young people were all that into him.

Felicity: Yes. Me and my friends dance to Paul Simon on a regular basis. I love Graceland. It was going to be Peter Gabriel originally, and then we decided that Paul Simon was better. Not a better artist but better for the characters.

Me: That’s really dancing with a social conscience. Speaking of which, did you really turn down The Brothers Grimm: Snow White?

Felicity: It was a scheduling confict. I was already committed to doing a play with Michael Grandage, who’s wonderful. We’d been planning to do the play for a year.

Me: Meanwhile, you’ve won a bunch of awards for Like Crazy. It’s not going to your head, is it?

Felicity: I hope not. My feet are firmly placed on the ground.

Me: Well, you deserve it. Thanks for your time.

Felicity: Thank you. That’s lovely. That was pretty quick. I’m going to go and have my coffee then.

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