Daily News Publishes Tasteful Naked Photo of Truman Capote


The New York Daily News launched a blog about literature and publishing today called Page Views. So far it has three posts: one introductory post from each editor and also a nude photo of Truman Capote lounging in a towel. As if a tabloid with a lit blog wasn’t novel enough!

Co-editor Alexander Nazaryan writes, “You may not think of the tabloid as a particularly literary format, but we are going to challenge your assumptions of what constitutes literary/cultural reporting in this town.”

And: “We will post old Daily News photographs of Truman Capote, all-but-naked, and Norman Mailer, just sprung from jail.”

The Mailer photo, which we at the Voice have a vested interest in, hasn’t appeared yet, but the Capote photo certainly has, in all its glory. Click here to see it.