Scientology on the High Seas: Hubbard Claims Victory Over the U.S. Navy


In November we started a new feature here on Fridays: the Voice has obtained hundreds of copies of L. Ron Hubbard’s previously unpublished “Orders of the Day,” which he gave to crew members as he sailed the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Our documents cover the period from late 1968 through 1971, and this time we’re looking at what was happening the week of March 11 through 17 during those years.

This week, L. Ron can’t believe how old he’s getting…

[Confused? Go here for our primer, “What is Scientology?” For recent controversies in the church, check out our stories on Debbie Cook, secrets of the Super Power Building, and our open letter to Tom Cruise. We know these 40-year-old ship’s documents aren’t for everyone, but they’ve been giving us some interesting insights into the mind of Hubbard as he ran Scientology from a yacht at sea. Check back here often for more breaking news about the church.]


March 11: LRH spells it “Veetnam” for the hilarity, and calls a woman a “pros.” He’s just on a manic roll two days before his 58th birthday…

16. The Yewnited States Navy came to Corfu, 12500 men on two buckets of bolts called the “FREMONT” and “GRAND COUNTY”. A Marine Tank landing force. Troops returning from “VEETNAM” as they called it, via service in the Sixth Fleet.

They had been given an “advice” not to go near us as “we’d make them all go Absent With Out Leave”.

US desertion rate is one every 10 minutes and AWOL one every 3 minutes with only .1% prosecution.

The report on us was reported to come from the US Naval Attache Athens Embassy. He sure must be some great intelligence officer — passing on false reports. We have beached several guys who were dodging the draft and advised them to go home.

We sure got our ears full of data about their lousy rat-infested ships, their lousy officers and all.

So, their intelligence on us stank as a false report and ours on them was complete and accurate indeed.

The CO of one was halfway through DMSMH about 3 days ago. The Marines were stopping our people to get books.

The shorepatrolmen said, “We’ve heard of L. Ron Hubbard. He’s a good man.”

So today 11th they steam away on their wanderings, full of Scn books and lists of addresses in the US.

And what started as an all out assault on our repute in Corfu ended up with their ships full of interested potential Scientologists.

I claim the victory over their flotilla.


LISA O’KRACKEL, “the Mata Hari of our times”, came aboard as the wife of Bill O’Krackel, made trouble, blew, was seen ashore hanging around for a week in Corfu, got $1,600 from her mother and left the area.

Turns out she was married before to a Greek in Greece, was not divorced before she “married” Bill. In the meantime she worked as a “pros” in Las Vegas.

She has six aliases (different names) and possibly 3 passports, one in her maiden name, one as the Greeks’s wife and one as Bill’s “wife”.

We guess that Bill found out about her former marriage and no divorce and possibly that’s why she blew.

We don’t know that she was here for info but for sure some wild left wing characters in the press are trying to talk about a disappeared “girl” and had the crust to ask the Deputy Prime Ministers of Greece about the “disappeared girl” and “that ship in Corfu.” The DPM said our ship was okay and he’d “look into the girl matter.”

Well, we’re also looking into it. We mean her no harm. But her blow is causing Dev T.

Looks like another “Linda Smith” plant.


I just realized (and issued a news story) that in each “Scientology breaks up marriages” story, it was a psychiatrist who did it. They go see the parents, bring pressure. In two cases (Linda Smith and Karen Henslow) the girl was enticed home, electric shocked and terrorized into breaking it up. Henslow was only engaged to be married. Linda was married.

So that’s an interesting twist, isn’t it. They do it, say we do it and then demand Inquiry.

Boy, the odor is sure appalling.

We save tons of marriages every year.



March 14: The Old Man always tries to sound so surprised that his captive subjects lavish him with gifts on Christmas and for his birthday…


Thank you for the very happy birthday.

I received some lovely presents including a new dining room table and chairs for the A Deck lounge — truly gorgeous.

I now hear the Ship’s Rep flew to a nearby area to get some lovely presents for me from MSH. Very appreciated. Both the presents and the flight.

Cards, telexes, lovely presents and remembrances.

And HGC had a present — 639 w.d. auditing hours! Just by changing its lines and hard work.

And the HCI’s FEBC stats are highest ever.

The International Gross Income was the HIGHEST EVER!

And the Planetary G.I. (not including AOUK, UK, EU, AF or ANZO Orgs) (including only US ((Sea Org, Scn)) and AOSH DK) hit over a quarter of a million in one week!


It was a lovely party. A smashing cake, a lovely present, the Snipes songs and all your happy smiles and applause made it a truly wonderful birthday.

(I didn’t know how old I was this life, was sure I was several years younger, until the congratulations and best wishes. I added it up. 60. I still don’t believe it. Are you sure we haven’t skipped some calendar years somewhere?)

It was a great day.

And I appreciate you more than you will ever know.


March 15: We can’t resist an Al Bornstein reference…


Geoff Barnes and Al Bornstein are highly commended for their excellent slide-tape show about Flag.

As you read this it has already been exported to the various continents, having left the ship at 0600.


Well done to Geoff Barnes and Al Bornstein for putting together a useable slide show! Did you know this project has been attempted for two years previously? Congratulations and a pat on the back.

Lt Cmdr Diana Hubbard, Distribution Aide



While L. Ron Hubbard plied the seas, back on dry land Advance! magazine was thrilling Scientologists with its tales of “OT Phenomena.” Those church members who had reached the higher levels of spiritual training shared their stories of superhuman powers with fellow dupes — er, enthusiasts. This excerpt is from Issue 24, June/July 1974…

I had to write to thank you for your Advance! 19. I read it this afternoon and the “OT Phenomena” blew my mind. I’m not OT yet but occasionally have experienced OT phenomena which usually completely overwhelms me. But after this fabulous issue I was able to handle an incident that occurred when I got off work tonight at 1 a.m.

To make the mundane part short — I had walked out of work and gunfire erupted. The police were chasing a man and shooting at him for some reason. They chased him around the block, through the parking lot to a Catholic church, where he was shot in the head and died.

His dead body didn’t bother me at all, but I was wondering what happened to the thetan, so I started “feeling” around for him and there was nothing. The shot in the head must have blown him clear out of the vicinity.

About three or four minutes later, suddenly he was right there and I could feel him flowing confusion at me.

Flunk on my part — I just barely acknowledged him at first — and removed myself to across the street. After another few minutes I was aware he was standing next to me again “begging for attention.” So mentally, with all the intention I could muster up, I said “It’s all right, it’s only a body.”

I got the impression he was thankful that someone still knew he existed. I then walked back down the block to my car and he stayed behind.

As I was leaving I felt guilty that I’d left him in a rather befuddled state so I drove around the block to see if he was still “hanging around,” with the intention of getting into comm with him.

He was still there so I gave out a mental “Hey you” to get his attention. He came and was on the hood of my car — then joined me inside.

Out loud, to be sure I was getting through, I asked him to tell me about what happened until he felt okay about it. I didn’t pick up on too much of it, except a strong picture of the parking lot he ran through.

He started flowing VGIs (very good indicators) so I told him to go get a new body. I got no response for a few seconds, then as we drove by another person, I heard a definite, “That one??”

It was funny — he didn’t know what I meant. So I had to explain, “No, not that one, but a new baby body. Go to the hospital, find a pregnant woman and you’ll have a new body.”

He thanked me and split.

Oh, I also told him to then get into Scientology and get some auditing.

I hope i handled it okay. If I hadn’t just read Advance! 19 the whole thing would have been more than I could have confronted.

As an aside, when I was at the church a priest came out and was administering last rites or whatever to the guy’s body, while the thetan was across the street talking to me!!! — Bette J. Callicott

Besides the doctrinal crisis this anecdote suggests — OT phenomena before OT? Sacrilege! — it vividly answers a question one of our readers had earlier this week, to wit: how does a thetan get a new body? Answer: at the local maternity ward.

I also can’t help enjoying the subtle slam at a competing religion there at the end: Catholic priest, reading last rites to an empty meat body with its thetan sitting across the street — what a dumbass.

I just can’t get enough of OT Phenomena!

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