Ozzie The Mouth


A friend of mine listened to Ozzie Guillen’s press conference about his admiration of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro in Spanish and swears that he also said this – or at least this is the way it translates: “I love the United States’ embargo on Cuba– it’s one of my favorite embargoes.”

Is it possible that Ozzie was just trying to say something like “You have to hand it to that tough old bastard” — rather than that he admired Castro in any kind of personal sense? I don’t know because I’ve never understood two consecutive sentences that Ozzie Guillen has ever said about anything besides baseball (and sometimes not even then).

In Ozzie’s School of Management, Lessons from the Dugout, the Clubhouse and the Doghouse, due out in May from Times Books/Henry Holt, the Chicago Sun-Times’ Rick Morrisey writes, “Guillen doesn’t want anyone to hate him. You can count on that. But it will happen wherever he goes. One person’s entertaining manager is another’s loudmouth. He’s polarizing without even trying.”

A couple of predictions Morrisey makes:

“When the Marlins are struggling, Ozzie will talk, often, about getting fired.”

“He and [owner Jeff] Loria will have their share of dust-ups, especially if the owner acts out during games”

“A person or group will feel insulted by something Guillen says. The
mayor of Miami. Marine biologists. Cuban Americans, Somebody.”

“Somebody”? How prophetic.

I took these from an advanced reading copy, but you can’t help wonder
where the publisher might hold the book so Morrisey can add an addendum
on Ozzie’s latest pop-off. But then, by the time they got that one
wrapped, Ozzie will no doubt have offended someone else.