Doma Reopens as Doma Na Rohu at Bedford and Seventh Avenue South


After a hiatus of only a few weeks, the West Village’s Doma reopens.

To some, a beloved coffee shop, to others just a pickup joint for thirtysomethings, Doma first appeared a decade ago at the corner of West 4th and Perry streets just off of Seventh Avenue South. Ensconced on the parlor floor of a charming 19th-century townhouse, at first, the place was just a coffee bar with a Slavic flavor. But soon, it began to offer short meals, and about a year ago, it turned into a full-fledged restaurant–at least after 6 p.m.

Then the usual rent increase drove them out recently, but the new space they found is in some ways preferable, more restaurant-like and less coffee-house-like, with a counter featuring seating and plenty of window tables. The property is a corner one, but also one that has been long-doomed. Most recently, it was a Subway and also Hercules Fancy Groceries, the store that pioneered boutiquey beer in the Village, originally located at Christopher and Bleecker. (The West Village has become one big game of real estate musical chairs.)

At the moment, only a limited menu is available, but this coming week, the all-important dinner menu kicks in. It includes lots of German and Austrian stuff, such as Konigsberger Klopse (meatballs in white gravy with capers) and Wiener schnitzel, plus a slew of snacks, many in a French vein, like moules frites and crepes.

There’s been a slight name change, too. Doma is now Doma Na Rohu, which means “Doma on the Corner.”

Doma Na Rohu
27 1/2 Morton Street

The dinner menu kicks in next week.


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