Oprah Gets Raked Over By Joan Rivers


In her new book about hating absolutely everyone including herself, Joanie naturally puts Oprah Winfrey on the grill.

Writes the comic:

“And don’t say ‘Oprah, who?’

“Stedman’s beard, that’s who.

“Oh, please. Sure, she denies it, but even Abraham Lincoln didn’t have this big a beard.

“I know Oprah’s opened schools and raised money…blahblah….But so what? She can’t keep her weight at a reasonable level.

“One day she weighs 140, two days later she’s being fitted for a boat cover.

“Her weight goes up and down more than Monica Lewinsky‘s head.

“And honestly, I don’t know how she keeps gaining the weight; how fattening could Gayle King be?”

Oh, relax, Oprah. It’s all in fun.

OWN it!