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Night Of The Living Dead: The Musical!


Well, if the musical of Carrie could come back in a relatively tasteful revival, and even a singing/dancing Helen Keller show could wow ’em in Korea, why not?

I saw most of the Living Dead tuner at a sneak peek preview last night, and can report that it’s not gruesome and campy and hilarious at all.

Even if you want it to be.

It’s a pretty thoughtful, sensitive version of the low-budget 1968 George Romero metaphorical classic about a bunch of people who bolt themselves in a farmhouse as zombies wreak havoc outside, causing them to probe inside themselves (and each other) for comfort.

The show–by Matt Conner and Stephen Gregory Smith–runs through June 17 at the Richmond Shepard Theater (309 East 26th Street in Manhattan).

And next season, the same company is doing Next to Normal featuring a black cast. That’s just what the doctor ordered.

Another horror musical was averted when the nouveaux vaudeville show Empire, put on by Spiegelworld at the Spiegeltent on West 45th Street, settled with the union protesters the other day.

So I was safe to bolt out of the farmhouse and catch the climax of that show, thrilling to the man who gingerly balances a bunch of dinosaur bones on one vertical bone.

It was all about the living dead all over again–and with music, too!