Live: Rick Ross And His Crew Pack The Backyard At Alife


Alife Backyard Sessions: Maybach Music Group’s Self Made 2 with Rick Ross, Stalley, Wale, O
Tuesday, June 26

Better than: Listening to Funkmaster Flex jock Ross in the pre-performance interview.

Rick Ross and Co. might seem too big for the narrow streets of the Lower East Side—and especially too small for the Alife Rivington Club’s backyard—but the Maybach Music Group crew was there last night, resulting in so much pandemonium outside that even “cool people” were forced to wait on line.

Crappy open-bar liquor and a super packed backyard, as well as OG Ron C holding it down, awaited beyond the clipboards. Some people in the crowd had been hanging around all day; earlier that day Alife had hosted a signing for the MMG compilation Self Made 2, which came out yesterday.

At around 9 p.m., the Bawse sauntered through the crowd with Stalley, Wale, Meek Mill and Maybach O all in tow and Ross, with assistance from Meek Mill, set it off with “Black Magic.” The mics had walkie-talkie distortion, but that was hardly an issue when Meek Mill spit/shouted the opening lines for “Imma Boss,” and once Ricky did his verse the party was on—although no one was really losing their shit. (Downtown crowd participation can leave a lot to be desired, especially when a lot of it amounts to filming.)

Once “So Sophisticated” started, people did (temporarily) put their phones and cameras down; Meek Mill performed “Burn,” which got a great response as well. O sang on the hook for a few songs and even danced, which Ross really seemed to enjoy. Every time Wale touched the mic, though, the energy waned slightly. Ross might have sensed this because he got serious for a moment—”You ever lost somebody important?” he asked before dropping the beat for “Stay Schemin’.” That was pretty much the night’s apex, with everyone in the house singing along to French Montana’s hook; after that it was right back to hoes and Hublots with “Actin’ Up,” an ode to sucker-for-love simps who let girls run all over them. Then Ross told Stalley—a former Alife employee—to do that joint that he “loves.” “This shit is my favorite joint, y’all,” intimated Ross, and Stalley wasted no time kicking “Live At Blossom,” momentarily altering the mood of the venue before being joined by his labelmates to get their last licks.

The Boss promised a new single off God Forgives, I Don’t would be released on Monday, and with that, he and his crew were gone.

Critical bias: Rick Ross knows how to pick beats, but he also knows how to assemble a team better than Jay and Fifty.

Overheard: “Ross looks like the turtle from Kung Fu Panda with his shades off.”

Set list:
Black Magic
Imma Boss
The Zenith
Stay Schemin’
Live At Blossom