“How Did Magic Johnson Get HIV?” Asks Gossip Site


Spurred by a Frontline documentary on AIDS and the African American community, Gawker posted a blog saying they doubt Magic Johnson really got AIDS as he said he did–by sleeping with a lot of women, which they consider low-risk activity.

They even offer a bounty to anyone who can offer info as to how Magic really got it.

(They mention certain orgy parties with transsexual hookers, which Johnson may or may not have been at.)


I’m all for information and enlightenment, but:

*Low-risk is still risk!

*Transsexual hookers are still women!

*No one will ever be able to know how Magic got infected. There’s no way to pinpoint the exact moment and cause of infection so many years after the fact. This isn’t like a murder, where you can dig up DNA evidence and witnesses.

So this is all a pointless exercise in attention grabbing.

But at least it’s hitting on something we’ve all thought about:

How did he really get it?

Should we be ashamed of ourselves for wondering?