9/11 Scammer/Fake Navy SEAL Called On BS By Real SEAL A Year Before Authorities Stepped In


“What a jerk off.”

That’s how actual Navy SEAL Don Shipley described alleged 9/11 scammer/faux-Navy SEAL Mark Anthony Niemczyk in April of last year — more than a year before the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office named Niemczyk in a lawsuit charging that he and another man have been running a bogus charity for the families of victims of the September 11, terrorist attacks for more than a year.

According to authorities Niemczyks and another man, Thomas J. Scalgione, have spent the past year driving around New Jersey and New York City in a truck — covered with the names of the first responders who died when the World Trade Center towers collapsed — soliciting donations for the fake charity.

The A.G.’s Office says the two men drove the truck to 9/11 memorial events and sold 9/11-themed tee-shirts to mourners starting in mid-2011. Additionally, they had a collection jug for cash
donations, all of which were supposedly going to 9/11 charities.

That didn’t happen, though; authorities say the two men — each of whom have felony convictions for various fraud charges — were pocketing the cash, and an investigation of the organizations to which the two men claimed to donate the money revealed that not a single one had received a dime from Niemczyk or Scalgione.

In addition to lying about being a Navy SEAL, Niemczyk went so far as to claim he’s a
graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, which, of course, is bullshit — as
Shipley pointed out over a year ago.

The New Jersey Attorney
General’s Office credits a New York City police officer with blowing the
doors off of Niemczyk’s and Scalgione’s plan, noting that “after doing
some research, [the officer] had concerns about whether Niemczyk and
Scalgione were operating a legitimate charitable organization.”

No love for Shipley, though — who, again, called BS on Niemczyk’s fraudulent charity more than a year ago.

See Shipley’s video calling out Niemczyk below.