Scientology Sunday Funnies: Bowl With The Valley Girls!


And here we thought the Ideal Org caper was winding down.

An alert reader guided us to this video, which shows that the clever gals at the Operating Thetan Committee of Scientology’s San Fernando Valley Celebrity Centre (CC OTC) know how to get the membership pumped up for some of that endless fundraising the church is known for.

How endless? Well, we looked around and found this enthusiastic pitch for a Valley Ideal Org dated seven years ago. Looks like they’ve been throwing gutter balls for a long time!

For those of our readers who may not be up on the Ideal Org push, it’s a campaign for local Scientologists to raise millions of dollars for a new local building — after they’ve already been “regged” (pressured) for expensive courses, donations to the church’s war chest (the International Association of Scientologists), and donations for the Super Power project in Florida.

A new San Fernando Valley building would need to be “Ideal,” so locals would be pushed to raise money for a big, historic structure that would need millions more in renovations (also pried out of local hands), and would also cost the locals additional money to maintain. All this, and yet the ownership of the edifice would go to the international church, a neat trick that keeps the mother church wealthy and the locals struggling to pay their bills.

Why does Scientology leader David Miscavige push his members to pay for fancy new buildings, when there’s no indication that the locals really need them? We made a cheeky guess that actually points to the true answer: Miscavige knows that if he can fly in for a quick opening ceremony, he can convince some of the more credulous local press, politicians, and public that Scientology is actually expanding.

Anyway, these ladies at the San Fernando Valley org certainly make a valiant effort in this video, and we’d love to know who they are. So commenters, help us out!

More Sunday fun

Thank you to the reader who passed along this fun offer of a badge you can put on your car. Because nothing says “I can manipulate car accidents with my mind” like a Scientology emblem on your auto!

Cynics will say that with membership dwindling, and fewer people than ever getting to the higher levels of the Bridge, there just isn’t much demand for OT 8 completions on Scientology’s private cruise ship, the Freewinds, and that’s why the church is advertising so many other, less-important conventions on the boat instead. On the other hand, imagine how good your golf game, driving skills, and ghost-hunting abilities are going to be after you tune up your OT abilities on this excursion!

So much OT, so little time.

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