Chadwick Lange: 2012 Gold Medalist For Dumbest Maserati Owner


Here’s a tip: If you own a $150,000 car, don’t let a stranger jump in the passenger seat when the keys are in the ignition as it’s parked in Times Square at 4:30 in the morning. Because a guy actually did that, and he is short one Maserati.

Chadwick Lange, 43, moved to New York from Florida — where he was a real estate broker — in May, and it didn’t take long before he got a taste of the Big Apple.

Lange left his $150,000 Maserati idling when he pulled over to talk to a friend near 47th Street and Broadway at about 4:40 Sunday morning.

As he was chatting with his friend, two men approached him and asked if they could snap some photos of his 2008 Gran Turismo — which, again, was idling with the keys in the ignition just feet away.

The faux-photogs snapped a few shots of the pricey ride as Lange continued to ham it up with his buddy. Then, as you might have guessed, one of the men jumped into the car and sped off. He slowed down about a block away, so his friend could jump into the vehicle and then drove off.

Obviously, we have a few questions for Mr. Lange, including “why were you in Times Square talking to a ‘friend’ at 4:30 in the morning?” And “why would you
leave the keys in the ignition?” And “WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING?!”

We contacted Lange via-Facebook, but he didn’t feel like discussing his boneheaded decision to leave a $150,000 car idling in the middle of New York City at 4:30 in the morning.

The car has not been recovered.