Meet Lori Stilley: The Woman Who Faked Cancer


The blushing bride to the right is Lori Stilley, a 40-year-old New Jersey woman for whom friends and relatives raised thousands of dollars to pay for treatment for the cancer with which she was diagnosed last year.

Stilley’s struggle with stage-three bladder cancer was so bad that she even published an e-book describing her courageous journey.

Only problem is, Stilley doesn’t actually have cancer, and the $10,000 that was raised for her “treatment” isn’t even enough cover her bail money now that she’s been criminally charged for her despicable lie.

According to Burlington County prosecutors, Stilley told friends and
relatives she was diagnosed with her faux-affliction in February 2011.
She even posted the news on Facebook.

Because she doesn’t have
health insurance, the community rallied to raise money for her treatment
— they made t-shirts, held fundraisers, etc.

Some of her
friends even delivered meals to her home when she was too “sick” to go to the
store. Her friends were even kind enough to raise enough money to grant
Stilley her dying wish: a wedding for her and her boyfriend.

Then, in November 2011, a miracle: Stilley was feeling better.

She posted the miraculous news on Facebook, which is when friends became suspicious.

“She came to my daughter’s playoff field hockey game and it was very
dramatic, in a wheelchair and she was supposed to go in hospice the next
day and I was staring at her saying, she doesn’t look sick,” friend Lisa DiGiovanni told WABC.

Stilley was arrested earlier this week. She’s been charged with fraud by deception and released on $25,000 bail.