Get Ready for Police Mortality, From the Dangerous Subversives Who Brought You Unclear Holocaust


Oh wow: If you read our interview with the Anti-Bananality Union last fall, you know that the anonymous trio constitutes our very favorite situationist remix-cinema prankster collective currently active in Brooklyn. Their previous work, Unclear Holocaust, is not only the funniest 9/11 movie ever, but also a thorough and nuanced dissection of the vivid fantasies of New York’s destruction that Hollywood has nursed for decades.

Now the team’s next project, Police Mortality, is almost complete. There are scheduled screenings at the Spectacle Theater February 26th, and today they dropped their first official preview, embedded above.

When we interviewed the Anti-Banality Union last summer, they said the concept for the new movie was best described by a quote from the 1973 motorcycle-cop epic Electra Glide in Blue: “A precisely formulated conspiracy of police genocide.”

“We started to compile films in which police were objects of lethal force, and then police conspiracy films, in which all the crimes and assassinations are happening within the police force, and the population is this external element that suffers the consequences. And then police everyday-life movies in general. Some of the best films we watched were just chronicles of police existence – aimless drift movies: someone becomes a cop; their life falls apart; they lose their narrative thread, but they continue to survive that, until maybe they commit suicide. It’s a wish-fulfillment project.”

In announcing the premier today, the Anti-Banality Union says their latest movie is “about an existential crisis within the NYPD that results in terrorism, communism, OWS and total freedom. It stars Will Smith, Bruce Willis, Robocop, and Michael Bloomberg. It is a key document to understanding our moment in history.”

We can’t wait.

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