Meet World’s Fair, the Rap Kids From Queens


Tonight, the World’s Fair hip-hop collective will be bringing their brand of ruggedly charming rap to the Knitting Factory. Broadcasting from Queens, the crew caught a profile bump last year with the release of Children Of The Night’s stellar Queens… Revisited mixtape and are set to build on that buzz with a World’s Fair full-length project slated for later this year. In the meantime, here’s your World’s Fair primer, courtesy of Remy Banks and Prince SAMO.

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The Genesis…
Remy Banks:
Children Of The Night is the trio that consists of myself, Nasty Nigel and Lansky Jones and we used to always do shows with Cody B. Ware. Jeff Donna had always been a rapper but never took it serious, but then he decided to be around us more on the music tip. And then Prince SAMO is a childhood friend of Jeff and Cody’s and when he moved back up from Miami it all happened to come together naturally. We were doing the same activities in like ’09 but World’s Fair officially started in 2010.

Prince SAMO: I’d say it was around 2009 when we all linked up together. I wasn’t rapping yet, but essentially they got me into it. We started rapping together and making music.

The Jump-Off Song…
Prince SAMO: “Company Fair” is our first song and video we ever put out together. If you listen to that, you pretty much get how we sound. It’s dark but at the same time it’s not overdone ink the 1990’s way of rapping; it’s not like we’re saying, “Yo, let’s bring New York back!” It’s not that kind of situation.

Remy Banks: “Company Fair” is our little brief introduction to the world. Every verse that’s on that record identifies with the rapper that’s rapping it. It’s everyone in the crew summing up their own style.

The Style…
Prince SAMO:
I’d say our music is a futuristic boom-bap situation. It’s very nostalgic, but at the same time it’s extremely dark and it’s an innovative way of doing something that’s taking the old to the new. It’s inspired by records and hip-hop music we grew up listening to, but it’s definitely our take on it.

Meet The Crew…
Remy Banks:
“Prince SAMO is Super Cat in rap form! He’s live from Hillside; that’s the black god, Godzilla. Jeff Donna is an extreme lyricist whose wordplay is ridiculous. Then there’s Cody B. Ware, who’s a very emotional and passionate rapper, but his songs are entertaining too. People really relate to his music and he has like die hard fans. From Children Of The Night, Nasty Nigel is one of the most abstract artists that I’ve ever met in my life. Not only does he rap crazy, but his style is very funky. Lansky Jones is very intelligent and his metaphors are insane and his wordplay is cool. There’s DJ THOTH, who’s our fashionista but he’s very mysterious — nobody knows who he is… And me? They’ll probably say I’m the stoner, the quiet one that sits in the back all the time and smokes.

Queens Represent…
Remy Banks:
Flushing is the center and we’re all surrounding it, but none of us are actually from Flushing. I’m from Forest Hills, Nigel’s from Corona, Lansky’s from Roosevelt Island, and Cody, Jeff and Prince are from Jamaica.

The Legend Of Nasty Nigel’s Mustache…
Remy Banks:
Nigel takes a lot of pride in his mustache. He switches it up quiet often. He’s very seasonal with it. In the summertime it’ll be trimmed to a certain length, and then in the wintertime it’ll be like the handle-bar joint with the beard connecting. He takes a lot of time with it.

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The Live Experience…
Prince SAMO:
When we perform it’s a lot of high energy and wild shit. There’s usually a lot of beer getting poured on the crowd and ourselves, and girls getting knocked out by mistake…

Remy Banks: If you’ve ever been to a World’s Fair show, you know that you’re gonna come through and see some wild shit. You’re gonna see things thrown off stage like blow up dolls and doo-rags and a lot of women too. If you’re a guy and you come to a World’s Fair show you’ll find yourself a nice little woman that’s into hip-hop.

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