Quiz: Facebook Targeted Advertising Partner or Evil Corporation From a Movie?


Late last month, Facebook announced that it will begin targeting users for advertising with information gained from outside the site. In the past, the social network would only pick up cues based on your behavior on Facebook. If you liked a page about dog care tips, soon you would see dog food ads pop up. Simple. Somewhat annoying, but simple.

That is all about to change.

According to the New York Times, “Facebook announced partnerships with four companies that collect lucrative behavioral data, from store loyalty card transactions and customer e-mail lists to divorce and Web browsing records.”

The “why” to all this is pretty clear: Facebook needs money, so they’re going to start digging through your (proverbial and digital) trash to help get it.

It’s the “who” that we know the least about. The Times lists four companies Facebook is partnering with, two of which “are among nine companies that the Federal Trade Commission is investigating to see how they collect and use consumer data.”

Pretty scary, huh? So, what kind of corporations are giving Facebook your personal info? Do you think you can differentiate their names and logos from the names and logos of fictional evil companies from movies? Find out:

Cyberdyne Systems







Umbrella Corporation

Give up? The answers are on the next page.


Cyberdyne Systems is FAKE (from The Terminator movies–they made SkyNet)

BlueKai is REAL

LexCorp is FAKE (It’s Lex Luther’s company in Superman)

Epsilon is REAL


Acxiom is REAL

Datalogix is REAL

Umbrella Corporation is FAKE (They are responsible for the zombies in Resident Evil)

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