Adam Yauch Park Opens in Brooklyn to Honor MCA


On May 3rd, the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation renamed Palmetto Playground on Columbia Street in Brooklyn Heights “Adam Yauch Park” to honor the Beastie Boy who passed away one year ago. Our photographer, Mark Hewko, was there. (See more of his photos here.)

[All photos by Mark Hewko]

Detailed Portrait of Adam Yauch on the MCA tribute Cadillac.

Adam Yauch Park naming ceremony pamphlet.

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MCA Tribute Cadillac.

MCA tribute cadillac. BrooklynWay.


Adam Yauch played Basketball on this court when he was a teenager.

Adam Horowitz speaking at the podium. Marty Markowitz seated in the rear.

Crowd at Adam Yauch park, Columbia & State Streets.

Adam Horowitz speaking at the podium giving props to Marty Markowitz.


Adam Horowitz speaks with the crowd and press.

Detailed portraits of Adam Yauch (center) and Mike D (right), DJ Hurricane (left) on the MCA tribute Cadillac.