Dream Music Cruise Line-Ups


With the announcement of Weezer‘s second trek on the high seas, the cancellation of Sugar Ray’s nostalgia cruise, and Backstreet Boys’ sold-out 20th Anniversary getaway trip in October, taking a vacation with your favorite music artists has never been easier. If these musicians don’t get you wet, here are some other options to set sail with.

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All of your favorite reality show created bands are back to win your heart all over again. This time it’s sea-rious. Participate in LIVE votes each night to save your favorites from being tossed overboard — literally.

This virtual cruise will reunite you with your favorite rock stars who died too soon. The open bar is all day and night, and you’ll definitely need some refreshments on this 27 day musical binge.

Not a rock-n-roll fan? No worries! HellaHollaGram Cruise Lines understands and tickets for the Dead Rappers Delight Cruise are available all summer, that lets maritime law settle the West Coast vs. East Coast battle once and for all.

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Made entirely of vinyl records, the Jack White + Friends of Jack White Cruise boat will keep you bustin’ those jokes as you float in a sea of sadness.

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