Rent Is Too Damn High Candidate Jimmy McMillan Drops New Music Video, “Debate”


The first mayoral debate of the general election is scheduled for late October, but independent candidate Jimmy McMillan is ready now.

In a new music video, “Debate,” McMillan of the Rent Is Too Damn High party says there is only one issue worth talking about.

“You got to have a roof over your head. Money in your pocket. Did you hear what I said?,” McMillan raps. “You’re working all day, working all night, giving all your hard-earned money to the landlord, that ain’t right.”

McMillan, who unable to gather enough signatures in time to make it on the September 10 ballot, endorsed Anthony Weiner in the Democratic primary.

He is still collecting petitions in a bid to make it on the ballot for November 5 general election, though.

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People will say he doesn’t have a shot, but speaking to the Voice earlier this year, McMillan was optimistic about his chances. “The support of the people tells me different. Tells me I will get elected. I have captive the young voters who won’t support anyone else,” McMillan said.

“The only ones who hope I don’t get on the ballot are the Democrats and Republicans because if I do, it’s over. There’s going to be a party in the streets. When they realize that Jimmy McMillan and the Rent is 2 Damn High party is on the ballot, the election is done and over at that point. That’s how much these kids support me.”

The young female star of the video, Animal New York reports, is McMillan’s daughter and Rent Is Too Damn High party president Christalle Fellix, not a contestant of the reality show McMillan is hoping to develop.

McMillan told the Voice he has been in talks to develop a TV show in the vein of The Bachelor or Flavor of Love. It’s tentatively titled Jimmy McMillan Is Looking for a Girlfriend.

“I get approached by young women all the time. I need my girlfriend to get them in check. You can say PR person, but I say girlfriend. She would tell you, ‘Oh no, he’s busy right now. You want to give him your number? Oh no, I’ll give it to him.'”