A Wince-Inducing Paranormal Activity Parody, Ghost Team One Offends More Than It Charms


Any horror movie worth its salt gets parodied; it’s part of how we come to grips with how successfully it scared us. Consider the comedy Ghost Team One, the latest left-handed compliment to Paranormal Activity, lifting the gags and aping the style of the earlier movie’s handheld and security footage.

In this iteration, two horndog roommates—outgoing Brad (J.R. Villarreal) and shy Sergio (Carlos Santos)—encounter a ghost at a party; they later learn it’s Madam Azalea, the murdered keeper of a historic Vietnamese brothel. A transcendently hot party guest, Fernanda (Fernanda Romero), evinces some interest in the paranormal, so they pursue the ghost as a way of pursuing her.

This triangle is the film’s most successful vein of humor, but it’s a low, juvenile bar to clear. (“What do you know about the homicides?” a historian is asked during a consultation. “Homo-what?” he answers. Nice one, Beavis.) The ghost, naturally, manifests in times of sexual excitement, which leads to sticky hijinks. As the guys’ third roommate, rage-addicted Chuck, Tony Cavalero commits to a role that only gets broader and more offensive as time goes on.

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