Banksy Day 11: A Truck Full of Very Loud Stuffed Animals In the Meatpacking District


As many suspected yesterday, Banksy’s artwork for Day 11 of “Better Out Than In” is indeed a military-style cargo vehicle hauling screaming stuffed animals (Because, who else?). “Sirens of the Lambs” will be touring the meatpacking district and then the rest of the city for the next two weeks.

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We don’t know if the truck will be curbed during its two-week tour, or if it will be rolling around continuously. We hope it’s the latter: Behold the video below, in which a moving vehicle filled with shrieking toy animals induces the fight-or-flight response in innocent onlookers. Thank you for the belly laugh, Banksy.

OK, so it’s a truck full of fake farm animals. It’s in the meatpacking district. The animals are screaming. What could Banksy be telling us?

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