Copies of the Village Voice Banksy Issue Are Being Hawked on eBay for $20


Banksy’s whirlwind tour is really bringing out New Yorkers’ entrepreneurial spirit. First came the guys charging spectators to view Banksy’s newest piece, and now issues of this week’s Village Voice, featuring an exclusive interview with Banksy, are being hawked on eBay for as much as $20 a set.

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There are two different covers, featuring images from a Banksy collaboration with Brazilian graffiti artist twins Os Gêmeos. We’re told the two paintings will be rolled out later this month as part of Banksy’s show, “Better Out Than In.” So, get ’em while they’re cheap … er, free.

The sellers obviously didn’t read the fine print that runs in every issue of the Voice: “Free issues of the Village Voice are limited to one copy per reader and may be distributed only by authorized distributors, retailers and outlets.”

We’ll let it slide this time, since there was a conflicting line on this week’s table of contents page inviting readers to “Collect all two!”