Banksy Was Selling Art in Central Park on Saturday [VIDEO]


Banksy set up a stand selling some of his stencils right beside Central Park on Saturday. He sold seven. An old man was posted at the stand. At one point, he methodically eats a sandwich. Riveting stuff.


According to a video posted to Banksy’s website, the stand didn’t make its first sale till 3:30 p.m., and three buyers were responsible for the day’s total take of just $420 (each piece went for $60 a pop.)

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As if the point were to make money. What joke are we being bludgeoned with today? A comment on Banksy’s celebrity? Making fun of tourists? An answer to our favorite East New York businessmen?

Before you cinch on your Banksy-hunting utility belt, a warning: His website points out that the stand was a one-off and would not appear there again today.

See the results of yesterday’s pop-up stand in the video below. If you happened to have passed by the stand yesterday, drop Runnin’ Scared a line.