Banksy Stencils the Door Shutters of Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club


Today’s Banksy is in Hell’s Kitchen, slapped on the door shutters of a strip club.

The text on Banksy’s website reads. “Waiting in vain … at the door of the club.”

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Far be it from us to interpolate meaning in a Banksy piece, because we know how much it steams your rice, dear readers, but if we may: This is a stencil of a guy with a bouquet of flowers waiting for a stripper to leave the club.

The new piece was incredibly easy to locate just from the visual cues in the photographs. Just read the signs in the images and follow the scent of Larry Flynt’s iniquity to the Hustler Club.

On the next page we have a map to its location and our tracker of all Banksy pieces to date.

Corner of West 51st Street and Twelfth Avenue, Hell’s Kitchen.

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