Goodbye, South Brooklyn Pizza: There’s One Less Drunk Pizza Option in the East Village


Let’s have a moment of silence for South Brooklyn Pizza on 1st Avenue in the East Village, which as EV Grieve reported this morning, has closed up shop. Signs posted on the window state the building has been taken into possession by the landlord. Earlier this week, the pizzeria closed with a message from its owners that it would be reopening in another location somewhere in the East Village.

When it comes to drunk pizza in the East Village, there are plenty of options — probably too many — including the old stand-by of Stromboli Pizza at St. Marks and 1st Avenue, but the slices at South Brooklyn were a step above and its hours were timed so that anybody strolling down 1st Avenue (let’s say that hypothetically they were coming off the L at 14th Street after a night of drinking craft beer in Williamsburg), could end their evening with a prosciutto or pancetta-topped slice from South Brooklyn. The pizzeria also operated an adjacent bar.

The South Brooklyn group still has spots in Carroll Gardens, Park Slope, North Slope and Cobble Hill.

South Brooklyn’s next-door neighbor, Kim’s Video, is also closing very soon. (A sales clerk at Kim’s says the two have businesses have different landlords.)

The owners of South Brooklyn write that customers should check its Facebook page for updates on a new location in the East Village, but nothing’s been announced yet.