Teen Horror Flick ‘Some Kind of Hate’ Is Brooding and Unbearable


A horror fantasy about striking back against bullies, Some Kind of Hate imagines the simultaneous thrill and terror of wishing your enemies would die and then having a vengeful ghost show up to make those dreams come true.

Lincoln (Ronen Rubinstein) is a brooding misfit metalhead who looks like a mini–Glenn Danzig. When he stabs a high school tormenter in the head with a fork, he’s sent to a creepy remote-mountain academy (run by Michael Polish) where he’s immediately harassed by even more homophobic bros. Even though he manages to woo sexy Kaitlin (Grace Phipps), Lincoln is so angry that he winds up summoning Moira (Sierra McCormick) — a former student who apparently slit her wrists after too much peer humiliation — back from the dead, at which point she promptly begins killing his nemeses.

Director Adam Egypt Mortimer’s visually murky un-thriller is awash in suicide and skin-slashing, with Moira dispatching her victims by cutting up her own body. This resurrected angel of death’s incessant screaming and whining quickly proves unbearable, as does the film’s befuddling transformation into a cautionary tale about the consequences of retaliating against those who would hurt you.

Like so much teen-targeting modern horror, it opts for dull angsty brooding over the very sort of grim-and-gruesome sleaziness that might have made its premise interesting.

Some Kind of Hate

Directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer

RLJ Entertainment

Opens September 18, Village East Cinema

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