Exclusive: Stream Idgy Dean’s Haunting New Album ‘Ominous Harminus’ Here


Idgy Dean is out for your attention, and she wastes no time stopping your heart while grabbing it within the first minute of Ominous Harminus, her new record out September 18. “Overture” kicks off with a recording pulled from a message left on the Brooklyn performer’s voicemail by a detective calling from Florida. The word “detective” is enough to shoot nervous pangs down your spine, even if you’re not the recipient of the intended bulletin, but his blunt and all-too-plain “it’s in reference to your father” — that’s a gut-punch in and of itself, and Idgy Dean takes this fraught tension and builds something dark and captivating with it.

The rest of Ominous Harminus follows suit, with Idgy Dean — a/k/a Lindsay Sanwald — favoring layers of lush instrumentation and hypnotic vocal meditations that beg you to get lost in their folds. Heady percussion, surf-tinged guitar lines, call-and-response chants, dizzying bass: Despite the frenetic nature of Ominous Harminus‘s swirling parts, the driving beats and otherworldly vocals ensnare the listener, from the wordless sprint of “Hopscotch” to the transcendent “The Indian Squirrel Dance” to the seething title track, which feels more like a spell than a song. “I want to lose myself” is a striking refrain, and the painful current eddying throughout Ominous Harminus. (The leadoff track is eerie, but the closer is just as alarming.) The mystery works for Idgy Dean, but here’s hoping she doesn’t get her wish — we want to hear more.

We’ve got Ominous Harminus streaming below, so give it a spin before its official release September 18. Idgy Dean will perform as the artist-in-residence at the A.O. Collective’s ETLE Universe Project from September 25–October 10. For more information, click here.


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