Best Dance Club


With the resurgence of electronic dance music, venues across Manhattan have opened their doors to DJs and producers from all around the globe — but none have done so quite like Output. The club is not only reclaiming the dance music performance space, but helping reclaim dance music itself. Very much in line with the newer “‘back-to-basics movement” felt for some time in the U.K. and now mushrooming stateside, this Williamsburg-based club has already become a favorite for both DJs and fans alike as it encourages true connection between music, musician, and music-lover. Output discourages many of the stereotyped staples of that louder, brighter EDM scene. You won’t find glow sticks, bottle service, “egocentrism,” or the constant need to digitally document every passing moment via Instagram here. Output is a place for true dance music fans. There’s simply the DJ booth, an absolutely killer sound system, and a cavernous, multilevel space that makes the proceedings feel as close to a rave as possible. 74 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn 11249,

Readers’ Choice: Verboten