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With its charming vintage signage, pressed tin ceilings, and vibrant, sturdy slices, Luigi’s Pizza — a South Slope staple with only a handful of seats — would be a fixture in any New York neighborhood. The pizzeria’s namesake patriarch opened it in 1973 and has since handed the reins to his son Giovanni Lanzo, who, like his father before him, seasons the olive oil he drizzles over finished pizzas with homegrown basil. He also turns the aromatic herbs into brightly flavored pesto that works wonders on white slices. “Gio” and sister Marisa use their mother’s tomato sauce recipe. Its lightly sweet acidity cradles milky puddles of mozzarella for a superlative plain slice supported by a nicely chewy, burnished crust. And although you might get a bit of good-natured ribbing from the Lanzi, this family takes a daring approach to pizza-making, giving customers the opportunity to bring their own toppings. Now you can finally justify that Ziploc bag of prosciutto you carry around with you at all times (for the record, pocket prosciutto pairs wonderfully with vodka sauce, of which Luigi’s makes an extremely zesty version). 686 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn 11215, 718-499-3857,

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This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on October 13, 2015

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