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Best Place to Take Out-of-Town Guests 2015


Out-of-towners are often appalled at how much walking we do in this town, but go ahead and march them to lower Broadway’s Canyon of Heroes, where a raft of sidewalk markers offers a window into history that’s sure to distract them from their blisters. Whether the inaugural 1886 Statue of Liberty dedication or a 1958 Cold War welcome for “Van Cliburn, First Winner of Moscow’s International Tchaikovsky Piano Competition,” each granite strip commemorates a ticker-tape parade. Honorees include tennis great Althea Gibson, pioneering aviator Amelia Earhart, and political giants Churchill, Eisenhower, Mandela, and Pope John Paul II. (Leaders from Ireland and Italy have had the financial industry’s confetti rained down upon them numerous times.) After you’ve high-handed your guests with the Big Apple’s sports dominance — the two-block stretch from Vesey to Park Place commemorates six World Series wins (one Mets, five [!] Yankees), a Rangers Stanley Cup victory, and two Giants Super Bowl triumphs — reveal Gotham’s fulsome heart with a plaque from 1938: “Douglas ‘Wrong-Way’ Corrigan for his flight from New York to Ireland instead of his ‘Intended’ destination of California.” Broadway, from the Battery to City Hall, Manhattan 10004, Canyon of Heroes

Readers’ Choice: The High Line


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on October 13, 2015

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