Sit Down Reporters, and Let the Mayor Tell You What ‘Real’ Journalism Is


Among Mayor Bill de Blasio’s responsibilities as the leader of the biggest American city is the important task of determining for the public which press outlets are “real,” and which ones are fake. The New York Post, once again, didn’t make the cut.

In a weekly news conference today, the mayor, who not all that long ago admonished city agencies for their lack of transparency while serving as public advocate, iced out the New York Post completely, declining to answer a single question from the paper’s City Hall bureau chief, Yoav Gonen. He was apparently displeased with a Post report that highlights a 140 percent increase in “special assistants” in his administration that costs the city $18.7 million.

City Hall is a paying subscriber to the apparently fake paper. The mayor has previously said the paper has a “clear right-wing agenda” and is a “propoganda rag” after a reporter asked why he pushed back a meeting with blind New Yorkers impacted by the Chelsea terrorist attack to go to the gym. He continued to lash out against local reporters today, downplaying the many investigations into his administration. 

And he had this advice for pesky reporters, whose job it is to ask questions:

While City Hall reporters commiserated on Twitter in a self-righteous First Amendment fit, I had only one question: Where is Chirlane?