Best Of

Best Art Collective Promoting P.O.C. Solidarity


BUFU (By Us for Us) is a collective of young, queer, femme artists supporting and fostering the discourse of Black and Asian solidarity. Tsige Tafesse, Jazmin Jones, Sonia Choi, and Katherine Tom (the first two 25 years old, the others 21) describe their collective’s work as a “decentralized multimedia documentary project” dedicated to collecting and presenting marginalized voices through facilitated conversations. In June, for example, the artists transformed a giant empty garage in Clinton Hill into a venue for p.o.c. artists and organizers to explore the possibilities of a Black and Asian future, bringing together community partners for weekly film screenings, dinners, performances, social-justice dialogues, cultural exchange programming, and spiritual healing practices, as well as a curated gallery and artist residency. (The project served as an incubator for a five-part documentary series that will premiere in the spring of 2017.) BUFU ended the month-long art project with a knockout closing party called “In Femme We Trust,” where hundreds of New York’s youngest artists showed up in droves — proving, in case anyone had doubts about Generation Z, how very much the kids are alright.