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Best Bar Jukebox


Do you want everything? Or do you want the exciting things? If the former, well, that’s what Wi-Fi “jukeboxes” are for. The latter is what a wonderfully curated jukebox is for — the kind that has you Shazaming the songs you don’t know, then singing along to something you haven’t heard in decades from Wire. Or the Pretty Things. Or Yo La Tengo. That’s the Commonwealth’s Rock-Ola Bubbler, which the Park Slope bar is so proud of that they put it on their T-shirts. The jukebox, located between the “some” and “others” bathrooms, offers four songs for a dollar and has its own dedicated rolling stool. And you will want to sit, for a while, as you flip through the tuneage, which includes hand-labeled mixtapes, where you’ll find Sabbath nestled between Built to Spill and Grandaddy. I decided not to inquire about who curates this genius juke. Because, as Wayne and Garth would put it, “We’re not worthy. We’re not worthy.” 

497 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn