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Best CrossFit Coach for You and Your Dog


Fitness maven Christina Moore lives, breathes, and even married into the CrossFit life: She and her husband, Oliver, took vows this past summer at the 10th Annual CrossFit Games in California after winning a Reebok contest to find the couple most committed to the lifestyle. A proponent of holistic health, Moore is passionate about wellness across species. She’s a veterinarian (and recruiter of like-minded vets in the Northeast) by day, focusing on implementing healthy habits and active routines that encourage pets and their humans alike to pursue their best lives. By night, she’s working out or coaching at Crow Hill CrossFit in Crown Heights. Moore is always impressed with her Friday-evening class clientele — “you know they’re committed,” she says — who come in ready to sweat buckets after their exhausting workweeks. “It’s a decent walk to the gym for a lot of people,” Moore says, so dog owners are allowed to let their pets hang out there while their humans do their workouts. She touts CrossFit as one of the more community-oriented fitness regimens, and Brooklyn (Prospect Park in particular) as a great space for the two- and four-legged to lead an active, healthy lifestyle. 

1010 Dean Street, Brooklyn