Best Of

Best Egg Sandwich


A bacon-egg-and-cheese from the local bodega at midnight is a thing of beauty, but sometimes you want a breakfast sandwich that’s a little more…well, more. This is it. Choose from one of many innovative combinations on the handwritten menu, from a version of that very same BEC (but oh, this double-smoked bacon!) to one with smoked salmon and roasted tomato. Or just go with the Green Eggs and Ham: the best egg sandwich around, with thick slices of ham, a bright, homemade nut-less pesto, and scrambled eggs, covered in a blanket of melted cheese and packed onto a dense, chewy roll. “Pesto eggs!” owner Joe Brancaccio, the heart of the space who playfully teases everyone who comes through the doors, will shout once it’s packed to go. And go you must, as there’s nowhere to sit inside the shop, where every available nook is stuffed with premade Italian dishes and groceries. But there’s a bench out front, and it’s the perfect spot to watch the neighborhood go by with each bite. Just don’t try this after 4 p.m. — even if there’s still bread left, that’s the sandwich last call, no matter how nicely you ask. 

3011 Fort Hamilton Parkway, Brooklyn