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Best Place to Ogle Bikes While You Get Yours Fixed


While the advent of carbon may have made bikes miraculously light, it’s also made them incredibly ugly. Revisit the golden age of cycling design at East Williamsburg shop King Kog, which in addition to selling new bikes and fixing used ones acts as a gallery of (for sale) beautiful frames from the 1970s onward. You’ll find covetable candy-colored Japanese track bikes, ’90s hardtail mountain bikes whose intentionally atrocious paint jobs radiate weird beauty, even a few custom numbers from local framebuilder Doug Breismeister. Serious bike nerds will particularly appreciate shop owner Shawn Wolf’s obsession with collecting Serotta, the cult brand that stopped manufacturing in the early Aughts. Wolf’s dug up some gems, including a banned-from-competition track model and a Serotta-branded fit bike, which customers can spin on while the mechanic does their work.

453 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn