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Best Place to Rent Camping Gear and Also Go on Guided Naked Swimming Trips


For all their flannel and lumberjack chic, the pallid, cowering denizens of New York City are generally not the outdoorsy type. That’s why the black bears of the Adirondacks have learned to recognize Zipcars, which generally contain an easy meal. But if you insist on testing your patently inadequate mettle against all that’s red in tooth and claw, you’d be wise to stop by Gear to Go Outfitters first, so your remains don’t wash up in a culvert come spring. The full-service outfitter in Park Slope can hook you up with pretty much everything you need, on a rental basis — a huge advantage for the weekend warrior who doesn’t want to drop a grand on Gore-Tex. They also offer guided trips that range from the crazy-ambitious, like a ten-day jaunt to Norway, to the manageably challenging, like day hikes in the Catskills. Take one of their guided trips and you’ll get transportation, hot meals along the trail, and competent guiding so that you make it home. If you’re looking for something offbeat, they also offer options like skinny-dipping trips to remote swimming holes. 

159 Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn